Thanks so much for reaching out about you and your boo being involved in this amazing styled shoot that I’m planning!!

This page will give you an insight to what this day is going to look like and flow -

Just to make sure you guys are fully onboard!

When: A solid date to still be determined - estimated shoot date within the next 2-4 weeks. It will be during the week (Mon-Fri)

Due to it being winter, the day may need to be flexible. If we’re forecast to have shit weather on the day of the shoot - we’ll need to push it back.

Where: Inverloch, VIC.

How long: From late morning until night time

Why: The reason for this shoot being - That I’m going to be offering amazingggg Elopement Experiences to my couples!

This ‘Styled Shoot’ AKA fake wedding/elopement will be a reflection of what those will actually look like!



  • Only going for a few hours
  • For the reserved and cautious type
  • Getting over it half way through
  • Being flakey and bailing
  • It will be a styled shoot, AKA a fake wedding (a fake elopement in this case)
  • Fun AF
  • Adventurous - epic locations on the cards
  • A full day experience - the day will start around late morning until evening/night time (you guys are going to need stamina! We’ll keep you fed and hydrated and take breaks of course😊)
  • Letting go, having the best time, and just loving on each other
  • Being spontaneous and ready to roll with it
  • You will be getting some beautiful photos to remember this experience by and getting a night stay at a beautiful glamping location!
  • Being happy and open to sharing some either real or fake vows/beautiful words with one another
  • Soldiering through, as it might get a bit chilly (bring jackets for the in between moments)

    Ready to rock to this?!


    Thanks so much for checking out some of the details of the day!
    If you’re still in, here’s what happens next!

    – Myself and the team will go through all of the amazing submissions
    – Once the couple is selected, we will start talking dates! (We’re aiming to have the shoot happen in the next 2-4 weeks)
    – We will then discuss outfits, dress sizes, etc.
    – Stay in touch in the lead up, with some more details information about locations, times and addresses

    – Then we rock this shit and make some absolute MAGIC!

    I’m so excited! I’ll be in touch soon!