Jack & Sarah's Private Property Farm Wedding

December 20, 2019

Jack & Sarah, wanted to do their wedding on their own terms. They hired the gorgeous Naringal Station (which is typically used as an Airbnb) for the most perfect location for their wedding.

They headed up one week earlier to just relaxed, unwind and enjoy themselves before the big day.

They were telling me on the day that when they came up Jack would jump on one of the piano’s and do his best to serenade Sarah. She loved it because A. It was super romantic and B. Jack isn’t exactly a piano virtuoso – So when he messed up playing the Titan song, is was a crack up for both of them.
– Further to that, during the reception they just wanted some time out with each other (which is so important to do).

They said I was welcome to join them, so we headed back to the exact room with the piano in it, and they just sat on the stool while Jack just played (he was nailing it) and Sarah just snuggled into his arm and softly shed a tear – It was a really beautiful moment.. Because afterwards she just said… “This is our thing now”.

Their day was stunning, we snuck off into one of the paddocks for some portraits while the golden sunset. Everything was just perfect.

HOT TIP: If you just want to do things on your own terms, this DIY Private Property Farm Wedding is absolute goals!