General Safe Practices

Physical Distancing & Prevention

  • All meetings will be held over the phone or teleconference such as Skype/Zoom.
  • Stay 1.5m apart as much as possible


  • If I am feeling unwell I will self isolate, get a COVID -19 test and another photographer will be assigned.
  • If I am confirmed to have COVID-19, I will isolate for a minimum of 14 days and any close contacts are to monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice.


  • All equipment being used for a shoot is cleaned prior to being used and after.
  • Client/guests are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment – including loading in/out.
  • Photographers will no longer be able to assist in taking photos using another person’s camera/phone.


  • Carrying hand sanitiser and having it made available to clients
  • Ensuring extra hand washing & sanitising is adhered to; ie picking up an item.

Face Masks (when/if required)

  • A face mask will be worn when/if required – whilst monitoring how it is worn on myself and assistant if using
  • Using a new or cleaned face mask every 4 hours.

Record Keeping

  • Keeping all records of photographer job movements/client details
  • Record keeping of key personal such as other suppliers if needed to contact
  • In the event that I become unwell up to 14 days after the event, I will contact the couple and suppliers and inform them that I am going for testing and awaiting results. I will advise them of results
  • Having a process and responsibility for notifying DHHS and WorkSafe if COVID positive
  • Temperature checking myself and assistant (if using) before a job