5 tips to rock your Engagement Session

July 22, 2020

Engagement sessions are such a fantastic way to celebrate and capture that freshly engagement feeling, do something fun, and get to know your photographer and to see how they work!

Here are 5 tips to rock your
Engagement Session

1. Set the scene

Your engagement session should represent you both, and location is a big part of that. Whether it be up in the hills strolling through the trees and long grass, or at a beautiful beach or even grabbing coffee at your favourite cafe in the city.

2. What to wear

Be comfortable! Here are a few handy tips.
– Aim for more neutral colours, just to avoid any clashing colours.
– Definitely steer clear of intense patterns!
– Most of all wear something that fits you well, makes you feel comfy and confident!

3. Timing

If you are wanting to get that beautiful golden light for your session, the time of your session will determine that!
It’s referred to as ‘Golden Hour’, it’s the hour while the sunrises or the hour before the sun completely sets.

If the location you’ve chosen might be a bit crowded in the evening, considering having your session at sunrise!

4. Bring a friend

If there is a little fur baby in your lives that you would love to bring along. Absolutely do it!!
(Just be sure to check that your location permits your fury friends first!)

5. (And most important) HAVE FUN!

Come into your session with an open mind, and just be ready to have some fun! I love for my engagement sessions to be packed full of fun – not standing there smiling into the camera awkwardly. Nobody is having fun doing that! Enjoy the moment and just love on each other.

Hot Tip

If you’re planning to have a hair/make-up trial done by the hair/make-up artist you’ll be using for your wedding, having this done the day of your engagement shoot would be great! If not, it’s a good excuse to treat yo’self!

If you’d love check some more engagement session, follow the link below!


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