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How long have you been photographing weddings?

Can we meet you before we book?

I've been photographing weddings since 2014. It is the best job in the world, hands down!

Absolutely! Catching up before booking in is a great way to connect, have a good chat about your day, learn what about what is important to you both and answer any questions you might have for me!
It also helps us build the foundations of our relationship!

I'm usually booked 12-18 months out from the wedding. That gives us time to form a great relationship in the lead up, so when the wedding day comes, we've actually already known each other for 12 months+



How many weddings do you take each year?

Everything looks great!

How do we book you?

I'm not a wedding factory and in order to give each couple the experience they deserve I only take on 35 weddings per year.



I'm not a fan of being photographed

How do we receive our photos?

You get your photos in the form of a beautifully presented online gallery. It's a place where you can view, share and download your photos in high resolution.
You even have your very own print store, to place orders to receive your own amazing quality prints.

I totally understand where you're coming from! You do not need to be a professional model to get beautiful photographs.
The way I like to photograph is VERY unobtrusive.
I use a lot of prompts and focus on catching authentic interactions, which really helps get genuine expressions rather than awkward and uncomfortable posing!



How do the payment schedules work?

What does a full day of photography look like?

$1000 deposit upon booking, 3 months out from the wedding is 50% of the remaining balance and 1 months out from the wedding is the last 50% and final balance.

Let me show you! Here is an example of a full wedding day:

Nik & Brad's Wedding


Do you offer Photo Albums?

i can't wait to catch up!