Wedding Planning Tips

July 29, 2020

Hire people you like!
(Recruit The DREAM TEAM)

One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is getting together “suppliers” (The Dream Team). The biggest tip in this post is – WORK WITH PEOPLE YOU LIKE!

They may have a beautiful instagram, and lots of followers – but that doesn’t mean a thing if you get to the wedding day and you just don’t “click”, and things are a bit awkward.
When it comes to people like Photographers and Videographers who are going to spending the whole day with you, it’s so important to make sure you’re a great fit for one another!

I always make a point to mention how it is my goal to blend in with the guests. I love to have a bit of banter with the uncles and aunties and cut some shapes on the d-floor!

Think carefully about your getting ready locations

It’s pretty easy to get caught up with EVERYTHING else that goes into planning your wedding day, and have your getting ready locations be more of a second thought.

You’ll be spending a good amount of time at the location you’re getting ready at, which means plenty of photos will be taken there!
An ideal scenario for photos is somewhere light, bright and somewhere with plenty of room for everyone who is there with you!

Airbnb or Stayz is a great place to start to find somewhere with a bit of a character, and will tick all of the boxes!
It’s something to consider over a plain looking hotel room, or a house that may be a bit cluttered!

Logistically speaking, finding a getting ready location that is close to where you’re getting married/your partner is getting ready has massive advantages too!
There will be much less travel involved going from partner to partner on the day, and being closer to the venue means you cut out all the stresses of factoring in any traffic conditions on the day, car troubles, and going back because something has been forgotten!

Not to mention, you’ll probably get some extra sleep too!

Make time for Sunset

The light is beautiful, there’s peace & quiet, and you’re feeling relaxed after a few drinks.

Depending on what time of year you’re getting married, taking into consideration what time the sun will be setting, and allowing for a little extra time for photos is a game changer.
(If you want to find out what time the sun sets on your wedding day just Google your date and sunset time – “January 21st 2022 sunset time”).

Penciling in some time for sunset means that there is no rush to be anywhere, you get a little time out together and you don’t forget that beautiful golden glow.

Squeeze in some alone time

Your day is going to fly by in this amazing surreal blur. Fitting in some time where it is just the two of you to soak it all in and have a little breather is absolutely worth it.

A perfect time to do this is during sunset.
After we get some beautiful photos, I’ll head back and leave you both to it, and enjoy a quiet moment.

You do you

It’s pretty easy to get weighed down with the latest wedding trends, Instagram ‘experts’ and the opinions of others.

This is your day, and it needs to represent both of you! When you first start planning, it’s great to sit down and discuss what you both value the most, and prioritise accordingly just to make sure nothing is overlooked!

I hope these tips have inspired and got you ready to plan the most incredible day!

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